Why Crazy Peak MONTANA Beef?


 Are you concerned about food safety? Do you want to know where your food comes from?
Do you want beef with no implanted growth hormones? Do you want your satisfaction to be guaranteed?


 If you answered yes to these questions, Crazy Peak MONTANA Beef is for you!


170 Glasston Rd, Big Timber, MT 59011


T: 406-932-4232

Indreland Ranch is located in south central Montana, about 70 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. Our ranch sits beneath the Crazy Mountains in northern Sweet Grass County. Crazy Peak is what we and our cattle look at daily!  Our product is “source verified”; each package has a Product I.D. that ties it to records in every phase of production. We take pride in producing a natural, dry aged product that is superior in taste.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!


Humanely treated

Cattle raised on grass then finished with locally raised corn and hay


Dry aged for a minimum of 14 days


Our  Angus Program originated in 1977. Our production philosophy is that cows must consistently excel at converting our basic grass resource to beef. Practicing this philosophy has refined our cowherd into trouble free and productive cattle. We do not select for any extremes in performance but demand functionality in our cattle. We do practice line breeding and strive to produce as many 1/2 and 3/4 blood calves as possible.

With well over 200 head of steers and heifers harvested through our branded beef business, 82% have graded choice or better on a diet of long hay and whole corn or forage only with the following averages: Hot Carcass Weight: 665 Backfat: .38 Ribeye Area: 10.7 Yield Grade: 3.00 This should reflect a live weight of 1100+ lbs., which is very close to our average mature cow herd weight. We have confidence in what our genetics will do on the rail.

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